How To Buy A Perfect Fit / Size T-Shirt?

How To Buy A Perfect Fit / Size T-Shirt?

Before we get to the breakdown to the selecting perfect fit the ground rule for looking great in a t-shirt is actually being fit, you don’t need a bodybuilder, you don’t need to go for a gym. you just got have above-average arms and above average chest and back. now let’s talk about ground rules when you’re selecting a perfect fit.

T-shirt should not be extra long, it should not cover the entire crotch as your seeing in below picture

T-shirt should not be too short when your lifting arms up t-shirt should not expose skin inside it, your t-shirt long enough to cover up all your skin as your seeing in below picture

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So T-shirt you need to select is something that ends in the up groin region

Sleeve length ideally go for short and tight sleeves if you have got slightly longer t-shirt get it to tailor to make it tighter and shorter and also keep in mind do not go for so short looks like desperate for attention so the sleeve length that you gonna follow that covers entire shoulder muscle a lot of biceps and triceps should be exposed as your seeing in below photo

Next when it comes to selecting a perfect t-shirt is that needs to be tight in your upper torso region and loose in your mid-torso. so everything below the line of the nipples slightly looser and everything above the line of the nipples needs to be slightly tighter and also keep in the mind never wear a t-shirt so tight that your nipples can be seen through the t-shirt

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