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I know every one will connect to these “good habits” but not really its a BAD HABITS ?. where i was very connected to these habits from my school days but yes, now i’m free from these bad habits.

1. Always on SOCIAL MEDIA

Today, life without smartphone is almost unimaginable. and whether you believe or not every one definitely starts from this habit which you love to be on social media but trust me it is not a bad habit although you addict to it but if you keep using social media for a couple of hours its a definitely bad habit because you hold smartphone very close to eyes for social media here something you should know you’re probably straining your eyes a lot, also effect to your eyes.

2. Over Thinking

While every one over think things in a while, some people can’t ever seem to be quiet the constant barrage of thoughts. because they do think always about past where, to whom and why i did this mistake or i have to be this, like him/ her blaw blaw in future. thinking is not a bad habit but if you over think it is a definitely a bad habit.

3. Staying up Late

Being busy in day life we stay up late because we have more stuff to do than day time. every one has different types of reasons like play video games, watch movies, talk to girl friends / boy friends and few do their official works but night time sleep is more important than day time sleep. so try not to awake for a long time at night. try to sleep earlier which you need 6 to 8 hours sleep a day.

4.Staying around negativity

we would love to stay around negativity rather than positivity. so, say f**k to such negative minded people around you and try to ignore as soon as you can. trust me how long you stay with such negitivity you never achieve anything. if you come out of that shit you will see a heaven.

5.Living in Past

Every one does have past in their life either it was happiness or sadness. if it was happiness not a big problem but if it was a sadness it’s a very big deal. there are vary of reasons to be sad either it was studies, love or financial problems. being in sad is like a hell in f**king world so try to over come as soon as you can because there is so much you have to achieve. so dream for future not for past.

6. Constant unhealthy eating

No one can stop eating though it is healthy or unhealthy food because we don’t bother our health, we feel like we are very fit and healthy but being foodie sometimes we have to control from some unhealthy food like oily , spicy food items mainly fast food.

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